Celebrations & Events

Key Literacy Dates

  • Monday 6th September – National Read a Book Day
  • Wednesday 8th September – UNESCO International Literacy Day
  • Monday 13th September – Roald Dahl Story Day
  • Sunday 26th September (Monday 27th September) – European Day of Languages
  • Sunday 26th September – Sunday 2nd October – Banned Books Week
  • Thursday 7th October – National Poetry Day ‘Choice’
  • Throughout October – Black History Month

September 2021

National Read a Book Day

We launched a competition for Key Stage Three pupils and set them all the task of designing a bookmark. The winning bookmark was professionally edited and printed to be used by all pupils across the school when reading.

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UNESCO International Literacy Day

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Roald Dahl Day

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October 2021

National Poetry Day

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Black History Month

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The theme for this year’s black History month celebrations is “Proud To BE…”

Inspired by the 2020 Black Lives Matter events, the new campaign is called ‘Proud To Be’. It will invite Black and Brown people of all ages throughout the UK to share what they are proud to be. For example, Proud to be Black, Proud to be Brown, Proud to be Black & LGBTQ+, Proud to be Me.

Black History Month UK are also inviting well-known celebrities and public figures to get involved and share what they are Proud To Be – as a way of inspiring as many people as possible to get involved and take part.

The campaign aims to make Black History Month 2021 personal and unique to individuals, families and communities, focusing on how we’re all making history all the time in our own ways, as well as the contributions and achievements of Black people throughout history.

Of course, we never miss an opportunity to encourage reading.

Here’s just a selection of books that we have been promoting to recognise Black History Month.

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