Knowledge Organisers

At West Derby School, we feel it is important to set about making progress in your child’s learning by reinforcing crucial information beyond the classroom. Research indicates that the most effective homework/revision for younger students is carefully organised and monitored. To help structure this important aspect of their learning they can access Knowledge Organisers. The purpose of these is to set well-structured and challenging homework/revision that strengthens their understanding of key information, concepts and subject specific terminology directly related to the syllabuses that inform their GCSE examinations. They are assessed by a variety of in-class or on-line quizzes and handing work in.

Versions of the Knowledge Organisers can be found below.

The complete selection for each subject can be accessed via Moodle or Satchel (Show My Homework).

See your class teacher for further guidance.

Click HERE to view our Guide to Using Knowledge Organisers