Learning at Sixth Form

Learning at Sixth Form

By joining West Derby School Sixth Form students are embarking on an exciting learning journey. All our lessons are delivered by subject experts who have a wealth of teaching experience. As a school, we deliver a knowledge-rich curriculum with academically challenging content to prepare our students for further education. Opportunities to develop lifelong skills form the backbone of our academic and vocational qualifications. Retrieval practice is embedded across all subjects to ensure that students commit key curriculum knowledge to long-term memory. Teachers regularly assess students understanding and provide both whole-class and targeted feedback.

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CPD Improving all Teachers

As a teaching staff we are committed to developing continual professional development. Our approach involves using educational research to improve our use of evidence-informed teaching across all subject areas. Research has demonstrated that effective CPD is:

  • Evidence-informed
  • Focused
  • Subject-specific
  • Collaborative
  • Sustained

We have an active online Microsoft Teams group where staff can share resources and discuss educational developments.