Literacy in English


Whilst it is not solely the responsibility of English teachers, literacy does have a big part to play in the English curriculum at every Key Stage.

Reading for Pleasure

In addition to curriculum-based reading, we have embedded Reading for Pleasure into our lessons for KS3 pupils.

Our class sets of books designated to each year group are constantly being added to and do not overlap with those chosen for the ‘Reading Ready’ Programme.

The Faster Reading Programme

We have recently piloted ‘The Faster Reading Programme’ with our Y10 pupils reading ‘A Christmas Carol’ for their English Literature GCSE studies.

We are monitoring the reading ages before and after the process and if our finding is positive, we will continue to use this approach with other groups.

Literacy Communications

We regularly communicate with parents, raising awareness of key reading and writing each term through the departmental newsletters.

We also use Weduc, Twitter and Instagram.