Writing for Pleasure

In addition to curriculum-based writing, we have embedded Writing for Pleasure into our lessons for Key Stage 3 pupils.

We want to encourage creativity and show that writing is fun and engaging, so we have invested in a creative writing book from English and Media Centre for every pupil. They are given designated time each week and their books will follow them through Key Stage 3 so we can see their writing progress over time.

These beautifully illustrated workbooks offer 44 writing activities drawing on the principles of creativity, freedom, and choice. 

From speeches to poems, playscripts to novel openings, these are workbooks both to harness pupils’ enthusiasm for writing and to develop their writing ‘muscles’!

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Spellings are set weekly as a home learning task. They are then tested in school. Pupils seem to enjoy the regularity and routine with regards to learning their spellings. They certainly become competitive!

Pupils are encouraged to use the ‘Look, cover, write and check’ strategy for securing their spellings.

They are also prompted to look up any uncertain words to establish the definitions.

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